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JOHNSON, noun. (slang) Penis.
JOHNSON, proper noun. A common surname​. The second most common surname in the United States.
JOHNSON, proper noun. A male given name transferred from the surname.
JOHNSON, proper noun. Any of several place names in the United States founded by people with the surname.
JOHNSON, proper noun. Alternative letter-case form of johnson (penis).
JOHNSON BAR, noun. A corrugated metal bar used to reinforce concrete.
JOHNSON BAR, noun. A hand lever on various vehicles.
JOHNSON BAR, noun. A lever-dolly (similar to a crowbar) for moving heavy apparatus.
JOHNSON BARS, noun. Plural of Johnson bar
JOHNSON GRASS, noun. A perennial Mediterranean grass (Sorghum halepense) cultivated for forage, but considered invasive and noxious.
JOHNSON GRASSES, noun. Plural of Johnson grass
JOHNSON HOLE, noun. (military slang) (now historical) A large shell crater during the First World War.
JOHNSON HOLES, noun. Plural of Johnson hole
JOHNSON SOLID, noun. (mathematics) any of a class of convex polyhedra which is neither a Platonic solid, Archimedean solid, prism or antiprism

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JOHNSON, noun. English writer and lexicographer (1709-1784).
JOHNSON, noun. 36th President of the United States; was elected vice president and succeeded Kennedy when Kennedy was assassinated (1908-1973).
JOHNSON, noun. 17th President of the United States; was elected vice president and succeeded Lincoln when Lincoln was assassinated; was impeached but acquitted by one vote (1808-1875).

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