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INTACT, adjective. Untouched, especially by anything that harms, defiles, or the like; uninjured; whole; undefiled; left complete or entire; not damaged.
INTACT, adjective. Uncircumcised; commonly used to describe a penis with a foreskin in intactivism.
INTACT DILATION AND EXTRACTION, noun. A late-term surgical abortion procedure, involving (in order) dilation of the cervix, removal of the fetus from the uterus to the shoulders, and emptying of the fetal cranium to allow for easier passage of the head through the cervix and vagina.
INTACT DILATION AND EXTRACTIONS, noun. Plural of intact dilation and extraction

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INTACT, adjective. Constituting the undiminished entirety; lacking nothing essential especially not damaged; "a local motion keepeth bodies integral"- Bacon; "was able to keep the collection entire during his lifetime"; "fought to keep the union intact".
INTACT, adjective. (of a woman) having the hymen unbroken; "she was intact, virginal".
INTACT, adjective. (used of domestic animals) sexually competent; "an entire horse".
INTACT, adjective. Undamaged in any way; "the vase remained intact despit rough handling".

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