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ENTER, verb. (intransitive) To go or come into an enclosed or partially enclosed space.
ENTER, verb. (transitive) To cause to go (into), or to be received (into); to put in; to insert; to cause to be admitted.
ENTER, verb. (figuratively) To go or come into (a state or profession).
ENTER, verb. (transitive) To type (something) into a computer; to input.
ENTER, verb. (transitive) To record (something) in an account, ledger, etc.
ENTER, verb. (intransitive) (law) To become a party to an agreement, treaty, etc.
ENTER, verb. (law) (intransitive) To become effective; to come into effect.
ENTER, verb. (legal) To go into or upon, as lands, and take actual possession of them.
ENTER, verb. (transitive) (legal) To place in regular form before the court, usually in writing; to put upon record in proper from and order.
ENTER, verb. To make report of (a vessel or its cargo) at the custom house; to submit a statement of (imported goods), with the original invoices, to the proper customs officer for estimating the duties. See entry.
ENTER, verb. (transitive) (US) (dated) (historical) To file, or register with the land office, the required particulars concerning (a quantity of public land) in order to entitle a person to a right of preemption.
ENTER, verb. To deposit for copyright the title or description of (a book, picture, map, etc.).
ENTER, verb. (transitive) (obsolete) To initiate; to introduce favourably.
ENTER, noun. (computing) Alternative spelling of Enter
ENTER, noun. (computing) Alternative spelling of Enter
ENTER, noun. The "Enter" key on a computer keyboard.
ENTER, noun. A stroke of the Enter key.
ENTER INTO, verb. (transitive) (legal) To become legally committed to.
ENTER INTO, verb. (transitive) To engage in a formal or informal process.
ENTER INTO, verb. (transitive) To be relevant; to be a contributing factor.
ENTER ON THE BOARDS, verb. (UK) (Cambridge University) To inscribe the name of (a student) on a board or tablet in a college.

Dictionary definition

ENTER, verb. To come or go into; "the boat entered an area of shallow marshes".
ENTER, verb. Become a participant; be involved in; "enter a race"; "enter an agreement"; "enter a drug treatment program"; "enter negotiations".
ENTER, verb. Register formally as a participant or member; "The party recruited many new members".
ENTER, verb. Be or play a part of or in; "Elections figure prominently in every government program"; "How do the elections figure in the current pattern of internal politics?".
ENTER, verb. Make a record of; set down in permanent form.
ENTER, verb. Come on stage.
ENTER, verb. Take on duties or office; "accede to the throne".
ENTER, verb. Put or introduce into something; "insert a picture into the text".
ENTER, verb. Set out on (an enterprise or subject of study); "she embarked upon a new career".

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