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ANTE, noun. A price or cost, as in up the ante.
ANTE, noun. (poker) In poker and other games, the contribution made by all players to the pot before dealing the cards.
ANTE, verb. To pay the ante in poker. Often used ante up.
ANTE, verb. To make an investment in money, effort, or time before knowing one's chances.
ANTE IN, verb. (poker) (intransitive) (rare) to ante up
ANTE MERIDIEM, adverb. Before noon, in the morning.
ANTE UP, verb. To contribute one's share of a payment, or to pay what is due
ANTE UP, verb. To pay a fee necessary to play a game, typically a card game

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ANTE, noun. (poker) the initial contribution that each player makes to the pot.
ANTE, verb. Place one's stake.

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