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AFFAIR, noun. That which is done or is to be done; matter; concern; business of any kind, commercial, professional, or public; — often in the plural.
AFFAIR, noun. Any proceeding or action which it is wished to refer to or characterize vaguely.
AFFAIR, noun. (military) An action or engagement not of sufficient magnitude to be called a battle.
AFFAIR, noun. A material object (vaguely designated).
AFFAIR, noun. An adulterous relationship (from affaire de cœur).
AFFAIR, noun. A party or social gathering, especially of a formal nature.

Dictionary definition

AFFAIR, noun. A vaguely specified concern; "several matters to attend to"; "it is none of your affair"; "things are going well".
AFFAIR, noun. A usually secretive or illicit sexual relationship.
AFFAIR, noun. A vaguely specified social event; "the party was quite an affair"; "an occasion arranged to honor the president"; "a seemingly endless round of social functions".

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