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TRACKER, noun. One who, or that which, tracks or pursues, as a man or dog that follows game.
TRACKER, noun. In the organ, a light strip of wood connecting (in path) a key and a pallet, to communicate motion by pulling.
TRACKER, noun. (computing) A type of computer software for composing music by aligning samples on parallel timelines.
TRACKER, noun. (computing) A musician who writes music in a tracker.
TRACKER, noun. (computing) A computer program that monitors something.
TRACKER, noun. (file sharing) Server software that coordinates peers in the BitTorrent protocol.
TRACKER, noun. (finance) A tracker mortgage.
TRACKER MORTGAGE, noun. (UK) (finance) A variable-rate mortgage where the amount of interest paid on the loan is linked to the Bank of England's base rate by a fixed differential.
TRACKER MORTGAGES, noun. Plural of tracker mortgage

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TRACKER, noun. Someone who tracks down game.

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