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RACCOON, noun. A nocturnal omnivore native to North America, typically with a mixture of gray, brown, and black fur, a mask-like marking around the eyes and a striped tail; Procyon lotor.
RACCOON, noun. Any mammal of the genus Procyon.
RACCOON, noun. Any mammal of the subfamily Procyoninae, a procyonine.
RACCOON, noun. Any mammal of the family Procyonidae, a procyonid.
RACCOON DOG, noun. Nyctereutes procyonoides, the only extant species in the genus Nyctereutes of the Canidae or dog family, native to East Asia, widely introduced elsewhere in other cool parts of Eurasia.
RACCOON DOGS, noun. Plural of raccoon dog
RACCOON EYES, noun. Alternative form of coon eyes

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RACCOON, noun. The fur of the North American racoon.
RACCOON, noun. An omnivorous nocturnal mammal native to North America and Central America.

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