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MOST, adverb. Superlative form of many.
MOST, adverb. Superlative form of much.
MOST, adverb. (With a definite article) Forms the superlative of many adjectives.
MOST, adverb. To a great extent or degree; highly; very.
MOST, noun. (uncountable) The greatest amount.
MOST, noun. (countable) A record-setting amount.
MOST AN END, adverb. (obsolete) generally
MOST CERTAINLY, adverb. Superlative form of certainly: most certainly
MOST CERTAINLY, interjection. Used to indicate emphatic agreement.
MOST DREAD, adjective. Superlative form of dread: most dread
MOST FAVORED NATION, noun. A nation accorded a certain level of treatment in international trade. When a nation A is a most favored nation of another nation, B, then B undertakes not to treat A any less favorably (in terms of taxes, exports, etc.) than any of B's other most favored nations.
MOST FAVORED NATIONS, noun. Plural of most favored nation
MOST HIGH, proper noun. One of the titles of God. Supreme, most magnificent.
MOST MUSCULAR, noun. (bodybuilding) A standard pose in which the chest, shoulder, and arm muscles are flexed with the arms in front of the body.
MOST MUSCULARS, noun. Plural of most muscular
MOST OF ALL, adverb. To a greater extent than anything else
MOST RIKKI-TIK, adverb. (slang) (US) quickly, immediately
MOST RIKKI-TIK, adjective. (slang) (US) quickly, immediately
MOST SIGNIFICANT BIT, noun. (computing) The bit that represents the largest fraction of a value, its position depending on the endianness of the system.
MOST SIGNIFICANT BITS, noun. Plural of most significant bit
MOST SIGNIFICANT BYTE, noun. (computer science) The byte of a multibyte number with the greatest importance: that is, the byte stored first on a big-endian system or last on a little-endian system.
MOST SIGNIFICANT BYTES, noun. Plural of most significant byte
MOST WIDESPREAD, adjective. Superlative form of widespread: most widespread

Dictionary definition

MOST, adverb. Used to form the superlative; "the king cobra is the most dangerous snake".
MOST, adverb. Very; "a most welcome relief".
MOST, adverb. (of actions or states) slightly short of or not quite accomplished; all but; "the job is (just) about done"; "the baby was almost asleep when the alarm sounded"; "we're almost finished"; "the car all but ran her down"; "he nearly fainted"; "talked for nigh onto 2 hours"; "the recording is well-nigh perfect"; "virtually all the parties signed the contract"; "I was near exhausted by the run"; "most everyone agrees".
MOST, adjective. (superlative of `many' used with count nouns and often preceded by `the') quantifier meaning the greatest in number; "who has the most apples?"; "most people like eggs"; "most fishes have fins".
MOST, adjective. The superlative of `much' that can be used with mass nouns and is usually preceded by `the'; a quantifier meaning the greatest in amount or extent or degree; "made the most money he could"; "what attracts the most attention?"; "made the most of a bad deal".

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