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DIRECTED, adjective. In a manner emphasizing one's point of view.
DIRECTED, adjective. (graph theory) Having the properties of a directed graph.
DIRECTED, verb. Simple past tense and past participle of direct
DIRECTED ACYCLIC WORD GRAPH, noun. (computing) (programming) A data structure that represents a set of strings and allows for a query operation that tests whether a given string belongs to the set in time proportional to its length (thus more efficient in some situations than a trie).
DIRECTED ACYCLIC WORD GRAPHS, noun. Plural of directed acyclic word graph
DIRECTED EDGE, noun. (graph theory) An edge of a directed graph.
DIRECTED EDGES, noun. Plural of directed edge
DIRECTED GRAPH, noun. (graph theory) A graph in which the edges are ordered pairs, so that, if the edge (a, b) is in the graph, the edge (b, a) need not be in the graph and is distinct from (a, b) if it is.
DIRECTED GRAPHS, noun. Plural of directed graph
DIRECTED INFINITIES, noun. Plural of directed infinity
DIRECTED INFINITY, noun. (math) A type of infinity in the complex plane that has a defined angle θ but an infinite absolute value r.
DIRECTED PATH, noun. (graph theory) In a directed graph, a path in which the edges are all oriented in the same direction.
DIRECTED PATHS, noun. Plural of directed path

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DIRECTED, adjective. (often used in combination) having a specified direction; "a positively directed vector"; "goal-directed".
DIRECTED, adjective. Manageable by a supervising agent; "a directed program of study".

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