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WARN, verb. (transitive) To make (someone) aware of impending danger etc. [from 11th c.]
WARN, verb. (transitive) To caution (someone) against unwise or unacceptable behaviour. [from 11th c.]
WARN, verb. (transitive) To notify (someone) of something untoward. [from 13th c.]
WARN, verb. (intransitive) To give warning.
WARN, verb. (obsolete) To refuse, deny (someone something).

Dictionary definition

WARN, verb. Notify of danger, potential harm, or risk; "The director warned him that he might be fired"; "The doctor warned me about the dangers of smoking".
WARN, verb. Admonish or counsel in terms of someone's behavior; "I warned him not to go too far"; "I warn you against false assumptions"; "She warned him to be quiet".
WARN, verb. Ask to go away; "The old man warned the children off his property".
WARN, verb. Notify, usually in advance; "I warned you that I would ask some difficult questions".

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