Associations to the word «Marcus»


MARCUS, proper noun. A male given name, latinate form of Mark.
MARCUS BAINS LINE, noun. A line drawn in an appointment book representing the current time of day.
MARCUS BAINS LINES, noun. Plural of Marcus Bains line
MARCUS GUNN PHENOMENA, noun. Plural of Marcus Gunn phenomenon
MARCUS GUNN PHENOMENON, noun. An autosomal-dominant synkinesis in which two or more muscles that are independently innervated have simultaneous or coordinated movements.
MARCUS GUNN PUPIL, noun. A pupil of the eye that exhibits unusually little constriction when a bright light is swung from the unaffected eye to the affected eye. It can be caused by a lesion of the optic nerve.
MARCUS GUNN PUPILS, noun. Plural of Marcus Gunn pupil

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