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ICARUS, proper noun. (mythological) Greek mythological figure, son of Daedalus, who escaped from the labyrinth of Knossos in Crete flying with wings made by his father from feathers attached with wax. His journey took an unfortunate turn when not following his father's advice he flew too near to the sun which melted the wax which connected the feathers of the wings, making him fall and drown in the Aegean sea. The Aegean sea was formerly known as Icarian Sea. The island of Icaria was also named after him.

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ICARUS, noun. (Greek mythology) son of Daedalus; while escaping from Crete with his father (using the wings Daedalus had made) he flew too close to the sun and the wax melted and he fell into the Aegean and drowned.

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