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FORCED, verb. Simple past tense and past participle of force
FORCED, adjective. Obtained forcefully, not naturally.
FORCED, adjective. Opened or accessed using force.
FORCED CONVECTION, proper noun. The convection (carriage) of contents of a fluid, such as mass or (especially) heat, by means of currents induced in the fluid by a force which is not dependent on density changes in the fluid induced by heat.
FORCED LABOR, noun. Work which one is compelled to perform against one's will, especially in a condition of involuntary servitude as a prisoner or slave.
FORCED LABORER, noun. A convict sentenced to perform forced labor
FORCED LABORERS, noun. Plural of forced laborer
FORCED LABOUR, noun. Alternative spelling of forced labor
FORCED MARCH, noun. (military) A movement on foot by soldiers or military prisoners, who must, in order to satisfy a military requirement, travel at a speed or in adverse conditions that would normally tire them excessively.
FORCED OUT, verb. Simple past tense and past participle of force out
FORCED RHYME, noun. A rhyme that is produced by changing the normal spelling of a word, or by changing the normal structure of a phrase
FORCED RHYMES, noun. Plural of forced rhyme

Dictionary definition

FORCED, adjective. Produced by or subjected to forcing; "forced-air heating"; "furnaces of the forced-convection type"; "forced convection in plasma generators".
FORCED, adjective. Forced or compelled; "promised to abolish forced labor".
FORCED, adjective. Made necessary by an unexpected situation or emergency; "a forced landing".
FORCED, adjective. Lacking spontaneity; not natural; "a constrained smile"; "forced heartiness"; "a strained smile".

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