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PRUDENT, adjective. Sagacious in adapting means to ends; circumspect in action, or in determining any line of conduct; careful, discreet, sensible; -- opposed to rash; directed by prudence or wise forethought; evincing prudence;
PRUDENT, adjective. Practically wise, judicious, shrewd
PRUDENT, adjective. Frugal; economical; not extravagant;
PRUDENT MAN RULE, noun. (legal) (investment) A standard for the duty of a fiduciary with responsibility over investments.
PRUDENT MAN RULES, noun. Plural of prudent man rule

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PRUDENT, adjective. Careful and sensible; marked by sound judgment; "a prudent manager"; "prudent rulers"; "prudent hesitation"; "more prudent to hide than to fight".

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