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PRO, symbol. ISO 639 code for Old Provençal.
PRO, noun. An advantage of something, especially when contrasted with its disadvantages (cons).
PRO, preposition. In favor of.
PRO, noun. A professional sportsman
PRO, noun. (colloquial) professional
PRO, noun. A prostitute.
PRO, abbreviation. (amino acid) IUPAC 3-letter abbreviation of proline
PRO, noun. Pressure retarded osmosis.
PRO, symbol. (syntax) A theoretical phonologically null pronoun
PRO BONO, adjective. (legal) done without fee, generally for clients of humble means
PRO BONO, adverb. In a manner without fee.
PRO FORMA, adjective. For the sake of form only.
PRO FORMA, noun. A document that shows the standard entries of a form or similar document
PRO HAC VICE, adjective. (legal) Permitted for a specific case or action.
PRO HAC VICE, adverb. (legal) For a specific case or action.
PRO HOC VICE, adjective. Misspelling of pro hac vice.
PRO HOC VICE, adverb. Misspelling of pro hac vice.
PRO PARTE, prepositional phrase. In part; used in nomenclature to denote that a taxon includes more than one currently recognized entity, and that only one of those entities is being considered.
PRO PER, adverb. Short form of in propria persona
PRO RATA, adverb. (of an allocation) In proportion to some factor that can be exactly calculated.
PRO SE, adjective. (legal) Representing oneself (in court); without an attorney.
PRO SKIRT, noun. (slang) A prostitute.
PRO SKIRTS, noun. Plural of pro skirt
PRO TANTO, adverb. (linguistics) Only to that extent.
PRO TEM, adverb. Temporarily; for the time being
PRO TEM, adjective. Temporary
PRO WRESTLING, noun. Alternative form of professional wrestling

Dictionary definition

PRO, noun. An athlete who plays for pay.
PRO, noun. An argument in favor of a proposal.
PRO, adverb. In favor of a proposition, opinion, etc..
PRO, adjective. In favor of (an action or proposal etc.); "a pro vote".

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