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LAB, noun. (colloquial) A laboratory.
LAB, noun. (colloquial) A Labrador retriever.
LAB, noun. (obsolete) A telltale; a blabber.
LAB, abbreviation. Labrador (a breed of dog)
LAB, abbreviation. (British) (politics) Labour
LAB, noun. (astronomy) (galaxy) Lyman-alpha blob
LAB COAT, noun. A white coat worn by laboratory workers to protect day clothes from damage by spillage etc.
LAB COATS, noun. Plural of lab coat
LAB MICE, noun. Plural of lab mouse
LAB MOUSE, noun. A laboratory mouse.
LAB ON A CHIP, noun. (chemistry) (physics) A chip, combining semiconductor and microfluidics technologies, capable of handling and analyzing very small quantities of sample, especially of bodily fluids for medical purposes.
LAB RAT, noun. (idiomatic) A student or employee who spends a great deal of time working in a laboratory.
LAB RAT, noun. (idiomatic) A person or group used as the subject of an experiment or test, especially unwillingly or unwittingly.

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LAB, noun. A workplace for the conduct of scientific research.

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