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WILSON, proper noun. An English, Scottish and northern Irish patronymic surname​.
WILSON, proper noun. A male given name derived from the surname
WILSON, proper noun. A city in North Carolina.
WILSON CHAMBER, noun. Cloud chamber
WILSON CHAMBERS, noun. Plural of Wilson chamber
WILSON LOOP, noun. A gauge-invariant observable obtained from the holonomy of the gauge connection around a given loop.

Dictionary definition

WILSON, noun. Author of the first novel by an African American that was published in the United States (1808-1870).
WILSON, noun. English writer of novels and short stories (1913-1991).
WILSON, noun. Scottish ornithologist in the United States (1766-1813).
WILSON, noun. United States physicist honored for his work on cosmic microwave radiation (born in 1918).
WILSON, noun. Canadian geophysicist who was a pioneer in the study of plate tectonics (1908-1993).
WILSON, noun. American Revolutionary leader who was one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence (1742-1798).
WILSON, noun. United States entomologist who has generalized from social insects to other animals including humans (born in 1929).
WILSON, noun. Scottish physicist who invented the cloud chamber (1869-1959).
WILSON, noun. United States literary critic (1895-1972).
WILSON, noun. 28th President of the United States; led the United States in World War I and secured the formation of the League of Nations (1856-1924).
WILSON, noun. A peak in the San Juan mountains of Colorado (14,246 feet high).

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