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JACKSTAY, noun. (nautical) A stay (rope, bar or batten), running along a ship's yard, to which is attached the head of a square sail.
JACKSTAY, noun. (nautical) A cable between two ships or from a ship to a fixed point which can be used to support a load during transfer of personnel or materiel along the cable.
JACKSTAY, noun. (nautical) A line (rope, webbing or cable), attached to a boat at the ends, to which a safety harness can be clipped to restrain falling in rough conditions and to prevent falling overboard.
JACKSTAY, noun. (underwater diving) A line fixed at both ends, which may be used to guide a load or a diver along the route of the line. Uses include guidance to and from the underwater work site, and as a means of controlling an underwater search.
JACKSTAY SEARCH, noun. (search and rescue) An underwater search conducted by divers who follow a guide rope, each time they reach an end of the rope moving that end in a set direction; the divers may start together or from opposite ends of the rope.

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