Associations to the word «Us»


WE, pronoun. (personal) The speakers/writers, or the speaker/writer and at least one other person (not the person being addressed). (This is the exclusive we.)
WE, pronoun. (personal) The speaker(s)/writer(s) and the person(s) being addressed. (This is the inclusive we.)
WE, pronoun. (personal) The speaker/writer alone. (This use of we is the editorial we, used by writers and others, including royalty—the royal we—as a less personal substitute for I. The reflexive case of this sense of we is ourself.)
WE, pronoun. (personal) The plural form of you, including everyone being addressed.
WE, abbreviation. Abbreviation of Western Europe.
WE AYE, interjection. (Geordie) A positive yes, of course.
WE TWO, pronoun. (stilted) first person dual pronoun.

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