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RACIAL, adjective. Of or relating to a race or a people
RACIAL DISCRIMINATION, noun. Discrimination on grounds of race or ethnicity.
RACIAL INTEGRATION, noun. The process of countering racial segregation
RACIAL PROFILING, noun. (public policy) (law enforcement) The practice (usually considered discreditable), by some police and other officials, of treating members of certain racial groups as more likely to be involved in criminal or other antisocial behavior than members of other racial groups.
RACIAL SLUR, noun. A racist term used against another person
RACIAL SLURS, noun. Plural of racial slur
RACIAL SPOILS, noun. A term used by opponents of reverse discrimination to describe systems that give preference to minorities in source selection for government contracts
RACIAL SUPREMACIES, noun. Plural of racial supremacy
RACIAL SUPREMACY, noun. The (believed) superiority of the people of one race over others.
RACIAL SUPREMACY, noun. The belief that a particular race is inherently superior to others.
RACIAL SUPREMACY, noun. The belief that a particular race should rule over others.
RACIAL SUPREMACY, noun. The fact of or an instance of the people of one race being dominant over others.

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RACIAL, adjective. Of or related to genetically distinguished groups of people; "racial groups".
RACIAL, adjective. Of or characteristic of race or races or arising from differences among groups; "racial differences"; "racial discrimination".

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